E-learning is having a major renaissance moment. Even before the Pandemic, the world was beginning to see a drastic demand for online learning. The need for digital courses now extends far beyond the realm of higher education and is spilling over into other rapidly growing industries. Everything from health and wellness, to finance gurus— if there is a skill to offer, there is a course to be made. Even celebrities are cashing in on this e-learning boom (think Masterclass). It only makes sense that online entrepreneurs should also reap the benefits of this industry explosion. Here are three ways your online business can win with digital courses.

Engage a Larger Audience with Less Stress

Let's say your online business has a large following of 50 thousand potential clients, imagine how many hours it would take to engage with each of those 50 thousand followers in a meaningful way. Is your head spinning yet?

Digital courses allow you to connect with unlimited clientele in meaningful ways through the sharing of your skills and expertise. Your clients get full access to you and your knowledge for half of the work. What's even better is your audience is now totally bought in to you and your company because you gave them an experience they can take with them and use in their own lives. Win!

Monetize it!

Giving your audience the gift of knowledge and helping them solve their personal pain points is absolutely rewarding. Serving your target audience is sooooo gratifying, but let's be real— you didn't start your business to work for free. Not only can a digital course help grow your business in terms of the size of your audience, but it can also bring in some serious cash! Your knowledge has value, and by monetizing your digital course you are honoring that part of your business. You go, Glen Cocoa!

Launch from Anywhere!

Probably one of the greatest benefits of launching your own online course is the ability to launch from anywhere in the world and to connect with anyone from around the world. Whether you're on a beach in Maui, or dining on tasty crepes in a café in Paris the freedom is limitless. This is especially appealing if you happen to be a parent like myself, and you're searching for a more comfortable work/life balance. Santé to your new-found freedom!


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