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Getting to where I am today has been a journey...


A decade ago I was just a baby-faced kid fresh out of college with dreams of being an English teacher, SNL sketch comedian, oh and a New York Times best selling author (I'm still holding out for that one). In those days, success in my mind was a linear path— go to college, get a degree, get a job, meet Oprah, win the Nobel Peace Prize. Easy peasy, right?Well, it turns out my style is more of a scribble to success than a straight line.

That twenty-one year old version of me had no idea what life had in store. I fell in love, moved 3,000 miles away from everyone and everything I had ever known, I had an unexpected, but fabulous adventure era. Talk about a plot twist!


I also entered a soul-searching period where I dismantled everything I thought I wanted from my career. Long story short,  I ended up not loving the world of  K-12 education as much as I had thought I would (much love to my k-12 teachers out there!). This naturally sent me into a spiral, which I then climbed out of through TONS of research about alternative careers in my industry.


That's when I discovered the field of Instructional Design. It was everything I loved about education and helping educators from a behind the scenes position rather than the leading lady role of teaching. I started applying to jobs immediately, and went on around fifteen interviews, some while I was pregnant with our daughter Astrid. Finally, after months of putting myself out there, I received fabulous news; a local university wanted to hire me as part of their design team.


That was almost five years ago, and I still love what I do! Now I want to help other k-12 teachers who want to explore alternative careers do the same. In addition, I also found my way back to writing and I've been working on several novels as well as this blog. Today you can find me blissfully working from home with my dreamboat husband, beautiful daughter, and our trusty pup Ravioli. Life is good!

I'm a Pacific Northwest writer, educator, instructional designer, and blogger with BIG dreams. 

Helping other educators and stay-at-home working mamas is my jam. I'm also extremely fond of my family, writing, reading, kayaking in beautiful places, and tacos. 

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